A Peacock Inspired Wedding Theme


A Peacock Inspired Wedding Theme

Take a look at how gorgeous these inspiration boards are! A Peacock Inspired Wedding Theme has to be up there with one of my all time favourites! I just love them! Don’t you just love the shades of bright blue’s, green’s, gold’s and purples! If you love bright colours and looking for something different on your wedding day, then why not consider these uplifting inspiring colours and make your special day A Peacock Inspired Wedding Theme.

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Bridesmaid Dresses & Accessories

There is so much scope when it comes to choosing your bridesmaid colours, In fact you don’t even have to stick with the one colour, with beautiful bold colours such as vibrant purples, turquoise green and cobalt blue’s, you can mix it up and be creative with all three. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to designing your special day, really the world is your oyster, you can have anything you like! Adding a peacock feather to the bridesmaid dresses and shoes will give that extra special touch and help carry the theme all the way through.

Bold coloured fresh flowers with an accent of one particular colour, combined with a peacock feather and or a colourful jewels, then add  a bold coloured satin ribbon to combine them altogether. To complete your bridesmaid look choose vibrant make up tones such as shimmering golds, vibrant blue’s and turquoise. Bold, Bright and colourful is the colour theme here, don’t be afraid to go all out. You can add a little or a lot here! remember to have fun and be creative!


A Peacock Inspired Wedding Cake

The wedding cake always takes centre stage when it comes the reception, so this is your chance to really express yourself and be creative! If your looking for a touch of elegance then you might like to choose a basic white iced or butter cream cake, accessorize with peacock feathers and bright coloured ribbons in blue’s, purples or turquoise.

If you love bright colours, then why not lash out and come up with your own design consisting of bright colours, ribbons, peacock feathers and colourful diamante’s. A Peacock Inspired Wedding Theme gives you the total flexibility of being a little creative, or over the top creative!


A Peacock Inspired Table Setting

I always find that it’s best to create a table setting based on the feel of the wedding. If your wedding is more formal then you might like to use more sophisticated accessories. However if your wedding day is relaxed and less informal such as a beach or garden wedding then keeping the table accessories laid back and relaxed will be more relevant to your special day.

Beautiful eye catching flowers, pretty candles and peacock feathers will work well with a Peacock Inspired Wedding Theme. Simplify your table setting by adding crisp white tablecloths, then accessorize with plenty of bright colours such as golds, bright blue’s, purple’s and turquoise. Or go all out and splash on brightly coloured peacock inspired tablecloths and decorate with abundant amounts of candles, feathers, ribbon’s, balloons and flowers.

To add an extra special touch, consider colourful lighting. Gone are the day’s were the lights are either bright or dimmed, multi coloured lighting has been quite popular over the years and can add a creative atmosphere to your wedding g reception.


Choosing The Bridal Hairstyle

You can’t go past a beautiful braid or up do, they simply say elegance! Compliment your bridal up do with a peacock feather and colourful hair jewels. A matching necklace, earring and bracelet set would look simply stunning and compliment your hair beautifully. The style of your wedding dress may dictate the type of hairstyle and jewelry you choose for your special day. If your dress is elegant, then choose finer more elegant pieces, or if your dress is flamboyant and screams look at me!!! then definitely choose big, bold and bright accessories and wear your hair in a over the top hairstyle such as half up and half down with an abundance of curls.


I hope you have enjoyed the Peacock Inspired Wedding Theme boards as much as I have. If you love bold colours, peacock feathers and the feeling of abundance, then this Peacock Inspired Wedding Theme is defiantly for you!

Nicky Singh.

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